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Want an inexpensive but at the same time professional dental care?

We offer a full dental travel service at competitive prices for clients from all over the world. We specialise in combining wonderful holidays with money saving dental treatment. What’s more, we will arrange everything for you: a transport, a comfy hotel room, and dental care, so that you could fully enjoy your stay.

We make it our priority to ensure the high standard of our services so our clients are provided with the finest dental care.

The clinic uses ultramodern equipment and the highest quality dental materials imported from USA, Switzerland and Germany. The clinic’s staff is ready to serve our customers and can communicate with you in English, German, Swedish, French and Italian.

To understand, anticipate and meet the demands of our clients we provide you with a memorable trip where you can both get dental work done at an affordable cost and satisfy your travel craving by having a look around royal Krakow with our best guides. So, ComplexMedica guarantees you fabulous vacations during the treatment, for we want you to get maximum benefit from your trip to Krakow.