Dental Treatment


  • Individual dental hygiene programme for each patient
  • High qualified dental hygienists
  • The newest ultrasonic devices and sand – blasting machines made by the Italian company Mectron
  • Every 6 months an automatic reminder service about check-ups

Our clinic provides patients with a regular access to advanced prophylactic procedures carried out by specially trained dental hygienists. There is no need to remember that there are check-ups every 6 months, because our staff will inform you about it in advance.

The so called hygienic visit includes:

  1. Consultation and creating of an individual dental hygiene programme (on the first visit)
  2. Removing of  supra- and sub-gingival plaque and calculus  from the teeth with an ultrasonic device
  3. Sand-blasting
  4. Fluoridation
  5. Instruction on a ‘phantom head’ of hygienic procedures recommended by the dentist