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Sterilization equipmentSafety

Patients' Safety is for us most important. That’s why we have equipped our clinic with the newest devices for conducting and controlling of materials and sterilization of instruments. Strict obeying the rules of sterilization considerably influences the quality of treatment, because it requires a daily use of unique, valuable devices, special disinfectants and a huge amount of convertible instruments which are necessary to ensure a complete cycle: treatment – sterilization – treatment. All dental instruments as well as dressings undergo a multiple controlled sterilization process in an autoclave Sterilclave 18B (Cominox). This device meets the strictest Polish and European Standards regarding sterilization of dental instruments - sterilization with fractioned pulsed vacuum (EN 13060 Standard). During the process of sterilization all bacteria, viruses, fungi and their endospores are killed.

Before the instruments are put in the autoclave, they are disinfected in special liquids, washed in special ultrasonic cleaners and then packed in hermetic packages which are closed in a bag sealer. The sterilization process is checked three times by: 1) a printout from the autoclave computer, 2) a control strip in the package with instruments 3)a biological test placed in the autoclave chamber.


Before the next patient is seen, each office is disinficated. That means disinfection of all surfaces which could have been in contact with factors causing infections. Disinficated are dental equipment as well as dental office furniture, which has been made from special materials.