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Teeth whitening
  • 5 modern and safe whitening techniques
  • Whitening  of all teeth in just 1 hour
  • Counteraction on teeth hypersensitivity after whitening

Methods of teeth whitening.

We offer 5 teeth whitening methods:

1. Opalescence TresWhite Supreme® teeth whitening system (Ultradent USA)
Single-use whitening trays  Removing the transfers from the trays

Special, ready-to-use, single-use trays, already filled with whitening gel that makes it possible to achieve very good aesthetic effects and high comfort of this procedure. TresWhite Supereme system consists of an outer tray which transfers an inner thin bleaching tray, filled with whitening gel. Thanks to special, innovative construction of double tray, it's possible to fit it precisely into the shape of dental arch...

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2. Conventional teeth whitening

Applying of the whitening gel into the tray  Applying of the trays on teeth

This is a system of professional teeth whitening which is carried out by the patient at home, but controlled and supervised by the dentist.  Impressions of upper and lower jaw are taken and the patient gets celluloid custom-made bleaching trays. The Opalescence PF (Ultradent,USA) 10%, 15% or 20% whitening gel is transparent, thick and contains carbamide peroxide gel (whitening substance) and fluoride and potassium nitrate (additional ingredients) which prevent from hypersensitivity. After the patient is trained by our staff, he can apply the whitening gel into the trays by himself...

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3. Office teeth whitening – Beyond® teeth whitening system

Office teeth whitening – Beyond® teeth whitening system  Office teeth whitening – Beyond® teeth whitening system

This procedure is carried out by appropriately trained staff and takes approx. 45 – 60 minutes. It consists in a three-time-applying of a special whitening gel and using a special whitening lamp (Beyond™ system). There is an immediate effect. The whitening Beyond lamp emits intensively blue light which is filtered by  over 12000 optical fibres and 30 layers of special filters...

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4. Office teeth whitening – Beyond® teeth whitening system + conventional teeth whitening system with trays

Thanks to such solution your teeth will be white in only one hour (office whitening) and you can make some additional whitening at any suitable time with the trays. From the economical point of view this is the most attractive offer.

5. Whitening of non-vital teeth

This procedure consists in a three-time-applying of a special whitening gel into the discoloured, non-vital tooth. This whitening technique takes about 2 – 3 weeks.

Indications for teeth whitening:
  • teeth whitening because of aesthetic reasons
  • removing of discolouration which remain since childhood or which have appeared later. The success rate in case of removing of discolouration related with the usage of tetracyclines or brown discolouration because of  dental fluorosis varies.
  • Whitening of non-vital, dark and discoloured teeth by intrachamber method which is a little invasive method and enables saving the tooth tissues as compared with traditional prosthetic treatment (veneers, crowns)
  • removing of discolouration created by inborn factors, metabolic, pharmacologic by e.g. Dental fluorosis, treatment with antibiotics – tetracyclines and minocycline, erythroblastosis fetalis...
  • fillings cannot be whitened that's why it's recommended to whiten dark teeth before having fillings replaced. New fillings should be done after approx. 2 weeks from the moment of teeth whitening. Thanks to whitening it's possible to have whiter fillings which match the new, more natural teeth colour, sometimes even whiter than the colour expected by the patient.

Counterindications for teeth whitening:
  • mechanical or caries damages of teeth
  • a great amount of fillings, crowns, bridges or veneers in front teeth area
  • bad mouth hygiene and inflammatory state of the gums
  • allergy or hypersensitivity to glycerine and polyarcylic resin
  • pregnant women and breast feeding women
  • patients under the age of 16

Ultrasound teeth cleaningIs the modern whitening safe for my teeth?

Yes, it is safe provided that it will be carried out by a qualified medical team that will use modern whitening agents, which don't cause any damage to the dentin

Does the teeth whitening have any side-effects?

During or just after the procedure most of the patients feel that their teeth are more sensitive to thermal stimuli (coldness or warmth), but this symptom is usually temporary and should disappear within a few days after finishing the treatment. Our patients have done the fluoridation of all teeth within the standard procedure, what considerably shortens the period of hypersensitivity after the whitening treatment.

How to maintain the whitening effect?

The teeth will always remain whiter after whitening but colours included in some food and beverages can cause discolouration

You should:
  • Attend check ups and professional teeth cleaning every 6 months
  • care for an appropriate oral hygiene (teeth cleaning after every meal or at least 2 times a day, tooth paste with fluoride, mouth rinse e.g. Advantage ORAL B or Listerine, dental floss with fluoride

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