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Teeth whitening
Opalescence TresWhite Supreme® teeth whitening system (Ultradent USA)

Special, ready-to-use, single-use trays, already filled with whitening gel that makes it possible to achieve very good aesthetic effects and high comfort of this procedure. TresWhite Supereme system consists of an outer tray which transfers an inner thin bleaching tray, filled with whitening gel. Thanks to special, innovative construction of double tray, it's possible to fit it precisely into the shape of dental arch. The tray encloses also the molars, not only front teeth. Special protective gel on the rim of the tray prevents the soft tissue from any irritation and because of added potassium nitrate and fluoride the hypersensitivity has been almost completely eliminated. The usage of TresWhite Supreme is really easy for the patient and brings quick and lasting effects. The trays should be worn 30 – 60 minutes each day. After this the trays should be removed, thrown away and the teeth should be cleaned. The whitening takes 10 days and the effects last for 2 years (depending on the diet, hygienic procedures and smoking habit).

Prosthetic restorations (e.g.crowns and bridges) and fillings won't be whitened. If needed, after the colour is stabilised (what takes approx. 10 – 14 days) the dentist can replace the old crowns,bridges or fillings with whiter ones. During the whitening a small per cent of patients may feel hypersensitivity on coldness, but it goes by after a couple of days.

Single-use whitening trays  Whitening tray with transfer

Whitening tray and transfer  Teeth before whitening

Applying of single-use whitening trays  Removing the transfers from the trays

Whitening trays on teeth  Teeth after whitening

Advantages of single-use bleaching trays:

  • the lowest cost
  • no or very small hypersensitivity to temperature changes during the whitening
  • safety and simplicity of usage because of special construction of the single use tray
  • the patients decides by himself on the level of whitening by regulating the length of whitening

Disadvantages of single-use bleaching trays:

  • one procedure, there is no possibility to repeat the whitening later by buying only the whitening gel
  • the whitening effect is less intensive compared to office-whitening
  • whitening effect lasts for a shorter period of time (up to 2 years) compared to office-whitening
  • time-consuming – recommended duration 10 days