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The Wawel CastleKrakow tops the list of the World’s Best Cities, Krakow was rated top 5 City.
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The old capital of Poland, Krakow, is one of the most beautiful European cities. It is the unique atmosphere and marvellous architecture that make it so special.  Krakow was the capital of Poland for about 700 years and the ancient royal residence still dominates the Old Town.

Wawel Cathedral  The Wawel Dragon

Wawel Castle, the symbol of tradition, history and unity of Poland, is the most beautiful renaissance palace in our country. Krakow is the place where you can visit 150 different temples: catholic and orthodox churches, Jewish synagogues and protestant temples. You can see romanesque churches that date back to the XI century as well as gothic temples built of brick and very ornate baroque churches.

Krakow's Market Square  Mariacki square 

The Royal Cathedral is the most important temple in the country: 37 Polish kings were crowned here, royal families, national heroes and the first Polish Saints are buried in the temple. Krakow is the centre of religious life and place of pilgrimage: the Divine Mercy Sanctuary, consecrated by John Paul II in 2002 attracts 4 million pilgrims each year.

St. Mary's Basilica  Krakow

Krakow is a capital of Polish culture, with a wide range of art galleries, museums, theatres and music events. Top Polish and international musicians can be seen in concerts organized in the Market Square or in the nearby surroundings.

The Sukiennice (Cloth Hall) - Interior  The Sukiennice (Cloth Hall) - Interior

Krakow’s nightlife with its numerous pubs, clubs and dance floors – can provide you with fun until the early hours of the morning.

Krakow  Krakow