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Krynica - JaworKrynica is a beautiful mountain town located 600 m above sea level in the valley of the Kryniczanka and Palenica Rivers. It is famous for its importance as a health resort and for its many sources of mineral spring water. Krynica has many spa treatment clinics and sanatoriums. Apart from those people who are prescribed treatment in Krynica by their doctors there is an increasingly wide offer for business people and tourists who want to use the spa for leisure, relaxation or just to revive their feelings of well being. For some years now Krynica has been an all year round center for summer and winter sports and walking or biking in the surrounding mountains and valleys. The town is located on the site of the village of Krzynycze which was established there around 1547. The beginnings of the town as a spa date from the XVIII c. Józef Dietl, the professor at Jagiellon University, is the father of Polish balneology and because of him Krynica became famous as one of the most important spa towns in Poland. After WWI investment in the town increased and it became even more popular especially among the celebrities of those times. Krynica is also famous for the many spring water sources which are drunk here. The water (each source has a different name) contains different minerals and each source differs in taste and in the treatment it can be used for. Every visit to the spa either begins or ends in the rather monumental Main Pump Hall for a cup of mineral water such as the popular Jan and Józef water or the very specific sulphur taste of the Zuber spring. Since 1997 a great attraction is the lane to Jaworzyna peak located several kilometers from the center of the town.

Krynica - The Borowine Baths  Krynica - The Old Spa House
Krynica - The two-storied Main Pump HallKrynica is slowly beginning to compete with Zakopane attracting many visitors in winter and summer. Why not join them? One full day and a stroll around the town is enough time to visit the most important attractions. Let's start with The Nikifor museum, Parkowa Hill, along the town's main pedestrian street and of course the mineral springs where a spring water cup amongst other souvenirs can be bought. So, let's explore Krynica!