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Czorsztyn Castle Czorsztyn and Czorsztyn Castle

The village was founded in XVth century and was connected with the castle and the trade route between Poland and Hungary. Originally the village was called Wronin, but German inhabitants changed it to "Schorstein" - the projecting rock, and this was phonetically changed to "Czornsztyn", finally Czorsztyn. The original village is now under the waters of the artificial lake. The castle ruins at the top of the village can be visited from tue-sun 10.00 till 15.00. Tickets 4 zł (reduced 2 zł), free parking. The castle was built between XIII - XIV c., and for centuries it protected the Polish border and was a customs post on the road. The castle burned down in 1702 and was never rebuilt. The ruins of the castle and the panorama are well worth the effort.

Czorsztyńskie Lake

In 1976 the building of the dam in the surroundings of Czorsztyn was started. There were many protests from ecological organisations but to no avail and many villagers were moved to other places - New Maniowy village. In 1995 the lake began filling and the dam was officially opened in 1997. These days in the summer dozens of white sails and canoes can be seen on this beautiful lake surrounded by mountains. From May to October try the Biała Dama boat trip. The film of the dam's construction can be viewed in the dam's pavilion. Tickets 3 zł, reduced 2 zł, mon-sat 8.30-16.00, sun-closed. More info., tel. (0-18) 2629383 ext. 355.

The Niedzica Castle   The Niedzica Castle

The Niedzica Castle

The castle, named like the river Dunajec, together with the Customs House and Granary are the historical setting in Niedzica. The castle was built ca. 1330 by Kokosz Berzewicza and protected the north Hungarian border. It was modified several times as can be seen in the pictures and models on show in the castle museum and was owned by several Hungarian families till 1945. From the ruins of WWII it was renovated to a museum with some rooms to be rent and a restaurant. One of the attractions is meeting the local ghost, as is explained on the special sign at the castle entry. So Beware!

The Niedzica Castle   The Niedzica Castle
The museum is open:
March 10.00-15.00 (closed Mondays),
April 10.00-16.00,
ticket 7 zł, reduced 5 zł, for Granary - 2 zł.